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Sales Strategy & Services for Tech Companies & MSPs

Customized Sales Acceleration

Customized Sales Acceleration Services

CyberSells Works with You to Build Your Sales Machine

The difference between growth and stagnation comes from a combination of effective strategy, the right sales technology, a lead generation machine, compelling messaging, and the right team to execute.

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Full Service

Fully Customized

Because every company is different, we dig in to understand where our clients are now and where they want to be.

It’s Time to Grow!

We design customized solutions that are based on your needs and goals. We work as part of your team to build a highly effective revenue-generating sales organization.

We’ll help you build predictable revenue models to reach your goals. You can take the guesswork out of the cycle with accurate forecasting, pipeline management tools, sales tools, and audits.

cybersells Maximize Your Budget

Maximize Your Budget

By utilizing CyberSells’ sales managers and executives (on a full or fractional basis), you can access the high-end expertise your organization needs at a fraction of the cost of hiring even one experienced executive.

Revenue Jumpstart

Sales automation experience counts and the CyberSells team brings seasoned experts to your project.

Whether it’s a team of SDRs, a fractional VP of sales, getting the right sales tools in place, or developing targeted sales messaging (or all of the above), CyberSells rapidly builds out the sales machine that drives revenue.

Sales Acceleration
for MSPs

From Lead Gen, to Sales Cycle, to Close and Expansion!
We’ll look at everything that you currently do, help to identify opportunities...

Sales Acceleration for Tech Companies

Tech companies face unique challenges vs “a unique challenge” as they try to sell innovative and complex solutions to end users and the channel…

Sales Acceleration Services

Target Markets & UVP

CyberSells will work with you to identify what makes your offering unique and compelling, your unique value proposition (UVP). With your UVP defined, we can target the right audiences with the right messages.


We jointly develop a 30/60/90 day action plan. We want to quickly fill holes in your sales automation process and look for quick wins, while we put the pieces in place for sustained growth.

Quarterly and Annual Objectives

We’ll jointly define where you want to go and how quickly you get there, based on your current situation, understanding the restraints and the opportunities. This understanding allows for longer-term planning and the OKRs (objective and key results) that will get you there.

Fractional or Dedicated Sales Management

An experienced sales leader is critical to the success of a sales organization, but this may be a pricey hire that’s out of range at the moment. CyberSells can provide a dedicated or fractional sales leader to hire, train and manage the sales team. Additionally, they will build out the department by developing sales plans/budgets/forecasts/commission plans, and more.

Fractional or Dedicated Sales Reps.

If you don’t have Sales Development Reps (SDRs) for outbound calling, or outside salespeople to work deals, CyberSells can provide dedicated or fractional salespeople. This is a cost-effective path to getting a sales department up and selling quickly.

Sales Team Recruitment

If you want to bring on new sales team members, CyberSells can handle the recruitment processes, working with recruiters that specialize in technology sales. We can handle job descriptions and comp. plans, as well as provide applicant vetting to bring you the most qualified final candidates

Building Your Story

 Effective sales is about telling a powerful, concise story that handles a problem for the prospect. This story brings your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) to life! People don’t buy technology solutions or services. They buy a solution to their problem. We help you build a kick-butt story!

Sales Enablement Tools

The sales team needs collateral to send to clients and presentations for use with prospects and at speaking events. We build these out for you based on the UVP story that’s been defined.

Multi-level messaging

Technology sales are often a multistep process that requires different levels of detail depending on who you’re talking with. The CEO and the head of IT will want different levels of information. CyberSells works with you to develop sales messaging to reach all target personas.

Outbound multi-channel campaigns

 Creating a steady flow of inbound leads is the lifeblood of an accelerated sales organization. CyberSells utilizes, outbound email, social, events, and paid media to create both awareness and inbound leads that have self-identified as high-interest prospects. CyberSells will implement these campaigns to fuel the sales engine.

Lists and Prospect Database

The core of any lead engine is the list of targeted prospects. This database of prospects needs to be growing quarter after quarter while you market to it and continually nurture it. CyberSells will work with you to build and manage this valuable asset.

SDR services

Quickly qualifying every inbound inquiry and continuous outbound prospecting to those that have shown interest or intent, builds the sales funnel and ultimately drives revenue. CyberSells can provide one SDR or a team to quickly get the sales engine cranking.

Funnel Management 

CyberSells maximize and manage your sales funnel as it’s at the core of reaching sales objectives. Ensuring enough new prospects enter the top of the sales funnel, warming the lead over time, quickly and effectively qualifying leads, and creating a process of lead handoff for closing, are all critical components in accelerating your sales.

CRM & Lead flow

 You can’t accelerate what you can’t see! CyberSells will implement (or fine-tune) your CRM to give visibility into all sales actions, the pipeline, and how the team fares against their goals. Integrating the lead flow into the CRM is key to rapid follow-up by the sales team,  elimination of missed leads, and the pushing of hot leads into a priority status.

Sales Tool Implementation

Sales teams need to operate at volume and automation is key. Sales tools such as outbound dialers, email & LinkedIn automation exponentially expand the reach of a Sales Development Rep. (SDR). CyberSells will implement new tools or maximize the ones you have, as well as integrate them into your CRM for full visibility and proper lead flow.


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